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IDS Kuopio x 3

Day 1 Laurelhach The Pioneer; BOS, BOS-veteran Goango Black Jasmine; BB-2, Cacib New C.I.E ( International Show Ch) Day 2 Goango Black Jasmine; Cacib, BOS Goango Black I Am Yours; BB-2, Res.Cacib Goango Black Illusion; BM-2, Res.Cacib Laurelhach The Pioneer; BM-3, BOB-veteran Day 3 Gopango Black I Am Yours; Cacib, BOB Goango Black Jasmine; BB-2, Res. Cacib Goango Black Illusion; BM-2, Res. Cacib Goango Breeders class; BOB Thank you for this great weekend!

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