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Finnish Winner Show

Finnish Winner Show Judge; Julie Fynmor, Hannele Jokisilta (group)

Goango Black I Want It All; Cacib, BOB, BIG-1 New Winner 2018!! Goango Black Keep Calm; BM-2, ResCacib Goango Black King; BM~2, CC Goango Black Lanson; open exl3 Goango Black Label; open exl4 Goango Black Illusion; ch exl2 Triseter Celtic Jai; vet exl2 Goango Black More Than A Dream; jun vg-2 Goango Black Gold And Glory; jun exl.1 res CC New Junior Winner 2018 Double Dream Loveset Mornig Queen; BB-2, resCacib Goango Black I Am Yours; BB-3 Goango Black Kriter; open vg-4 Goango BOB-breedes class! I am so Proud of You All I want thank you All for this Year. You Are The Best !!

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